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Life' s cruelest Spring Unpromising on arrival Sorrowful without warning Tearing down dreams Must you run your term?
REFLECTIONS BY THE AUTHOR: Author Notes QUIETUS ~ D James Breaux Origin MEDIEVAL LATIN: quietus est, death or something that causes death, regarded as a release from life
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What?? Do I detect even the slightest most remote possibility or even the sheer notion of anything even resembling a literary rule or proper word usage that I have not yet literally, willfully, purposefully, gleefully, rebelliously, and skillfully ignored, disintegrated, obliviated, mocked, smashed, ate for breakfast and spit it out in the form of a poem by lunchtime?? Say it ain't so =D
@DJamesBreaux I actually googled it and realized that google had it translated in that form. The way that it is being translated though makes it seem like the latin was "ex vissuto". I'm sorry. I am too much of a nerd (I was a forced nerd actually. Was forced to study it for 8 years). Either way your poem is absolutely beautiful. That was the most important part lol
@Goyo Dang, for a minute I thought there was another grammar rule I could break, haha ~ your word knowledge is #Awesome ~ and proof positive that you are smarter than Google. You should let em know & query them for a translator gig =D
@DJamesBreaux lol thanks but I think they need more help with the translations of practical languages lol Can I ask how did you get inspiration for this piece? Seems to me like you were moved by the Latin and it made you think of this poem. Just wondering since I always wondered how people are inspired to write pieces or poetry
@Goyo Oh yes, how fascinating it is to ponder what moved me to Quietus. It was love at first sight when I first saw the word, just can't remember where. And then, after ~ yes, googling it =D ....the fascination increased with its sheer beauty and the compelling nature of its meaning, in particular the way death can come calling suddenly and cruelly, relentess, without mercy.