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The Buffalo Bills are still preparing to play Sunday's game against the New York Jets at Ralph Wilson Stadium as scheduled despite the four feet of snow that fell on the stadium and another foot or two of snow to be expected in the upcoming days. "All of our intention and all of our focus is 1 o'clock on Sunday," a Bills representative said on a conference call Wednesday. The NFL could still decide to postpone or cancel the game, but it must do so soon. "We are working with the Bills today to determine the status of the stadium," an NFL representative said. The Bills estimate they will need to remove 220,000 tons of snow to clear the stadium for Sunday's game. The team is looking for at least 500 fans -- working on three shifts -- to shovel out the stadium. In return, the Bills will pay fans $10 per hour and offer free game tickets. From the sounds of it, they are going to need a lot of people. "We don't have a maximum number [of people to shovel]," Bills vice president of operations and guest experience Andy Major said. "We can't have too many people helping." The team tweeted out a picture of its snowbound situation. The amount of snowfall is unprecedented for the stadium.
@goyo hopefully this is the worst of this artic wind thing and it won't snow as much anymore
@EightyNine yea I am just being a pain. I wonder though what would happen in a playoff game situation
@Goyo WIth that much snow I don't think anything could have possibly been done
@EightyNine wimps lol
The games been moved to Detroit. Too much snow to handle!
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