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You call it mainstream when I call it being a rebel because calling it mainstream is to"mainstream" and calling something rebellious is so...... mainstream so I'll call it rebellious is that to"mainstream" because I walk these halls and see two different crowds those who would call it mainstream and the others a "lifestyle" a lifestyle of so many rebellious mainstreamers and believers that call themselves gangsters who think they can win the game But is winning the game to mainstream? so they stay underground and hit the beats under only scavengers ears then they are rebels for not wanting to mainstream so I ask you this. is the two one in the same? to be rebellious and be to mainstream? And, after this poem are you even sure what these two words even mean?
I think I'm a rebel against the mainstream, but by no means a rebel. Does that make sense?
@RobertStriker Well, it's all in your own perception that is most important, I think.
i consider myself just a little bit of both if i say so myself but, others may say otherwise. lol.
I think the first sentence of this is so fun! The word rebel/rebellious and mainstream are mixed and used in so many different ways that I'm already questioning which category I belong in very early in the piece. Do you consider yourself neither of them, then? @RobertStriker
I don't think I know what they mean anymore, after all! @RobertStriker