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You know you're dehydrated when: 1. Fatigue sets in. 2. Your Urine appears dark yellow. 3. You experience sudden lightheadedness. 4. Your heart rate increases 5. You overheat. 6. You have muscles cramp. 7. You are constipated. 8. Your skin loose elasticity. 9. You are parched. Summer is not the only time to feed your body h20 regularly. During fall and winter, your body needs to be rejuvenated. Hot drinks that contain high caffeine (such as tea and coffee) can dehydrate you. Instead of heading to a coffee shop to quench your thirst and keep your hands warm during the cold weather, opt for a slice of lemon in luke-warm water. It'll cleanse your liver, hydrate you and keep you energized for the day. If lemon water and plain water is too bland or sour for you try infusing your water. I'm sure you'll find one or two favorites from this collection: Also, don't rule out watery fruits and veggies. Bananas have great water content and it's useful for restoring potassium that has vanished with dehydration (this explains why athletes love bananas). For lunch, try mixing your own salad instead of buying takeouts (that are filled with salt). High sodium consumption can make your more thirsty.
@nockcha It's worth the mention. I love everything about that collection.
Also, thanks for linking to my collection @stargaze!
I can always tell that I am dehydrated because of my skin, especially on my face!
I always forget that bananas are a great source of water as well - great tips!