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Sleepless nights of barrenness and isolation, leave. Your netherworld; it shines no more. Is it not you who fears what lies beneath now? Angry hours of despondency and wretchedness, cease. Your liaisons; they consort no more. Is it not they who lay down their arms now? Unwanted feelings of dereliction and bleakness, depart. Your dominion; it reigns no more. Is it not you who relinquishes control now? Empty years of darkness and despair, die. Your memories; they haunt no more. Is it not they who flee the new day uprising now?
Yeh cool you guyz, this was fun. It took a life of it's own and unraveled into a thing, then the pic just screamed me, me, me =D
@greggr @WordDoctor I am afraid it is me who is without doubt the one who gets the most enjoyment here you guyz. Because it is so humbling and such an honor to be in the presence of you both and to actually be the recipient of grande praise from literary types of such stature....seriously, kidding me?? Heck yeh, that level of recognition is priceless.... and I'm grateful for it. That goes for you too @onesmile, @Goyo and @timeturnerjones. Thanks you guyz =D
Like @greggr, what stands out most to me is the turn that each stanza takes at the last line. The image helps to form a kind of misdirection, like the first lines of each stanza, toward darkness, before the sudden movement toward something brighter.
Rock n roll @onesmile, thank you so so so much for reading =D
I love the picture you chose to accompany your words: it's really an integral part of getting me into the right mindset for the piece that follow!
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