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Are you a parent of a teenager looking for guidance on how to get through to your cotton-eared teen? Are you a teenager needing some guidance on day-to-day survival as your approach adulthood? Are you a teenage-like adult who failed to acquire some basic skills along the way? Look no further than Will Reid - a dad from the UK who got sick of trying to get through to his two teenage children, to no avail. He decided to instead giving them some everyday life advice through social media videos - a medium they might actually pay attention to. Reid writes, "My kids said this wouldn't go World Wide as no one would be interested! I guess there are other parents out there that feel the same as I do." Boy, were they wrong! This first Teenage Instructional Video about how to change a toilet roll has gotten 4,179,549 views on YouTube so far! Way to go, dad. Parenting win! One of the highlights is the "advanced level" - an 'extra' length to which the advanced teenager can go (in this case, actually throwing away the old roll). I don't think it's just teenagers can benefit from this lesson! Hah! Like that? Don't miss... Teenage Instructional Video #2: Teenage Instructional Video #3:
I think I need to give this to my brother. It's not that hard!!
Hahahaha the dad is so creative and funny. My favorite part is when he mentions advanced level lol
Hahahaha, this made my day. Love how clever this is. I need a similar one for taking out the trash so I can show it to my sister.
@kristenadams It's so funny that you brought up wet towels! I was in the middle of posting his other video, about hanging up your towel! Hahaha :)
@iluvdurian31 that's might favorite part too :)
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