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There is no medicine for the broken heart. You can't go to physical therapy, pain medicine has no effect, and there is no calling out sick from work. So what do you do when you need a serious, serious pick me up? Open up your emotional first aid kit that's what! Before opening this important kit - remember that there is no shame in feeling bad over a breakup, a lost job, or whatever else you are going through. Take time to let yourself heal. Here's what you need: 1. A packet of your favorite tea. 2. A list of things throughout your life you thought you would never get over (that you now have.) 3. A candle, essential oil or any form of scent you associate with being at peace. 4. A letter from someone you love, or if you can, a small collection of them. Even just a birthday card! Written evidence that you matter to someone heals more than you’d expect. 5. A “read this if you’re absolutely certain the worst is upon you” letter from yourself. Remind yourself of all the things you enjoy doing, all the reasons whatever you’re going through will pass just like everything else has, and that you, above anyone else, always have your own love and compassion, even if only in the form of this letter. 6. The phone number of somebody who will come over and talk. 7. A CD that includes songs from your childhood that you loved and songs that are just as sad as you are right now (reliability is cathartic) 8. A $20 bill, because you will probably need either alcohol, pizza, or candy (or all of the above.) 9. Crayons, paint or paper. Draw out your problems using stick figures and doodles. It will help. I promise. 10. A Disney movie. (Need this be further explained??)
I LOVE this, @kristenadams! I have been comforted just looking at those images... so many of these are good, but I especially like the tea, the list of things you've gotten through, the letter to yourself (reminds me of my gratitude post:, the CD and the movie. My favorite, though, was the art supplies :) I find office supply stores and art/craft stores so delightful and therapeutic! Even just wandering around look at paper and pens... glad someone shares my love of art supplies!
This really is awesome. I feel like making a CD always gives me a fun project to take my mind off of things.
This is wonderful, I definitely want to try this the next time I am blue! I love the idea of writing a letter to would be so helpful!