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Have no fear! Will Reid is back with a second part of his series Teenage Instructional Videos - how to load the dishwasher. As I explained in my first card featuring Will Reid's video about changing the toilet paper roll (, the dad from the UK is making these videos on social media as a new way of getting through to his two teenage children. This second video has gotten over 300,000 views! Don't forget the advanced level - actually pushing the buttons and starting the dishwasher (with a video game analogy). See the original: Teenage Instructional Video #1: And also... Teenage Instructional Video #3:
@sanityscout I am just worried my kids will get to be that lazy. I want to take my uncle's approach. Let the kids finish washing the dishes, then eat a little on a clean, and have them clean it again. That experience made us think of the dishwasher as that mythical unicorn... it was like owning a ferrari lol
I don't understand... Kids are having a hard time putting dishes into the dishwasher? I would've loved that problem. My uncles made us wash all the dishes, and we didn't even know the dishwater existed lol
I have to admit as an adult and a parent I still procrastinate with the dishwasher. It makes no sense! It's so easy! This video reminded me, in a hilarious way. @Goyo that is such a funny observation - I also didn't have a dishwasher as a young kid. Haha!
I never minded loading the dishwasher, but emptying it was always a battle between my brother and I aka neither of us wanted to do it! We eventually stooped to bribing each other with chocolate milk to get it done.
I think he is truly a wise dad. Teenage kids in their puberty are out of control. Hard to make them listen to anything. Great and funny dad!