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Siung Beach in Wates hamlet, Purwodadi village, Tepus district in Gunung Kidul regency, Yogyakarta province, is among the island of Java's most attractive southern beaches because of the white sand and calm waves. A favorite pastime at Siung Beach is to savor grilled fish dishes while succumbing to the place's atmosphere. Often, many visitors are so captured by the beauty of Siung Beach that they later decide to camp for a night or two or stay at one of the humble accommodations nearby. Nowadays, the beach has gained more popularity as a famous spot for Indonesian rock climbing athletes to test their skills, abilities and limits. Wall climbing athletes from the nearby area of Pacitan, Yogyakarta and Solo, have become regular visitors to Siung Beach's magnificent cliff. The cliff is located at the right side of the beach. More than 200 rock climbers' tracks can be found on the cliff. The climbing tracks have various levels of difficulties, from easy to advanced -- perfect for those who just got a hang of the extreme sport or for those seeking an extra adrenaline rush to heighten their climbing skills. The Yogyakarta branch of the Indonesian Climbing Federation (FPTI) dubbed the place as “the cliff with a thousand climbing tracks” and has annually, in partnership with the Gunung Kidul Tourism Department, held an event called the Rock Climbing Jamboree, which has also been attended by rock climbers from outside the country.
it is good to find out about such a unique climbing location
This looks rather intense! Personally, I'll stick to those nice cafes you mention, but I'll pass this along to my other more adventurous friends :)