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In the eastern part of Sumba island in East Nusa Tenggara, off the tourist path, lies the secluded Tarimbang Beach. The seclusion of the beach comes with little to no accommodation within the area except for Peter's Magic Paradise, a resort located atop the hill of Tarimbang, around 2.5 kilometers away from Waingapu Airport. The two-and-a-half hour journey to the resort rewards travelers with a sequence of magnificent sights, from bumpy roads to the island's savannah and hills. Upon reaching the resort, the coastline, horizon and beautiful grassy brown savannah of the Tarimbang Gulf can be seen. Peter's Magic Paradise is a resort owned by a lovely couple, Dr. Peter Kersten and Yosni Suruk. The resort's bungalows are built in the style of traditional Sumbanese houses and made from woven bamboo walls. The beds are beautifully netted and each room is adorned with Sumba's traditional fabric, tenun ikat. Guest can opt to stay in one of three bungalows with ocean views and exotic outdoor bathrooms, or in accommodation on higher ground with more private bathrooms that are enclosed with natural stone walls. It was quite a sensational experience to shower whilst your eyes are treated to the vast sight of the Indian Ocean. The resort serves three meals per day for its guests, inclusive in the price, as there are no other eateries open within a close distance of the location. One of the perks of it being quite remote is that it also grows its own vegetables, hence guests can make sure their food is fresh and healthy, free from harmful chemicals. Lounging by the pool while succumbing to the resort's tranquility is a favorite pastime at Peter’s Magic Paradise. On some occasions, Kersten, who is also a licensed magician, will entertain the guests. Tarimbang Beach is only five kilometers away from the resort, and guest can reach it on foot. But if carrying a surfboard while walking down the village path is too much, the resort also offers drop-off and pick-up services for its guests. While you are at Tarimbang, however, it's a great idea to prepare to gadget-detox yourself, as the place has limited phone reception and Internet connection.
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