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Alexander Wang is by far one of my favorite designers on the scene today. He is fun, innovative, and best of all he seems like someone I could go get coffee with and he wouldn't mock my horrible fashion sense. His fun nature is obvious when you look at his adorable niece that he seems to take with him everywhere. Alia Wang is probably the tiniest, most fashionable little girl you'll ever meet, thanks to her uncle make custom gear for her size! Check out her style and remember, no matter how awesome your outfit is today there is probably a 3 year old who is looking more stellar than you. (So why bother? Sweatpants it is!)
I wish I was this effortless! I feel like I spend ages to get ready but never look this good
SHE'S SO ADORABLE. Ahhh. I'm jealous of her clothes.
this makes me feel so uncool. i just wear tshirt and jeans.
such a cutie
She's so cute!!! and more fashionable than I lol
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