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Viral Parenting #3: Hang Your Wet Towels!

Yes, champion YouTube dad Will Reid is back with another edition of Teenage Instructional Videos. This time, he is schooling his teenage children on the importance of hanging up your wet towel if you want it to actually get dry. Sounds obvious, right? Before you judge, think about how many of us do the same thing...sad, isn't it? Anyway, just go to the video and enjoy! I'm starting to feel like he's a dad to all of us... haha! For more of his videos: Teenage Instructional Video #1: Teenage Instructional Video #2:
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@Spudsy2061 I admire your diligence with towels - moldiness is indeed gross. A prince among men!
I can confidently say I can't remember I time I didn't hang my wet towel. It's more a cleanliness thing, because otherwise they can get moldy. Honestly thought, I feel like this guy might be in love with himself. Just a pinch.
@sanityscout Thanks but in all honestly it's like automatic. It's the equivalent of like... throwing your laundry in the hamper or brushing your teeth in the morning. It's just ingrained in you.
Haha! So true - all is takes is to live on your own and not have a dry towel ready for you to realize the importance.
I think if my dad had done this when I was in high school I might have died of embarassment! When I was living at home, I definitely was guilty of leaving towels on my carpeted floor, but now that I only own 2 towels I have learned quickly they need to be hung up to dry!!!
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