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Any of you guys start longboarding at a later age? And what has the sport given you. Do you get looked at strange by passers by or people that here that you started "skateboarding" as they would say. I'm 32 and started 2 years ago but I've completely immersed myself in everything longboarding right through all the very technical and mechanical aspects of it even aerodynamic theory (when it's raining out) but all my life I've been doing some kind of wheel sport so it's been another pet to have and I'm LOVING IT! I have huge respect for every one of you!
48 and only just started longboarding !! used to skate loads when i was a kid with my mates but gave it all up.I'm really enjoying being back boarding and trying to learn how to do it all again. Friends think i'm crazy! But how cares right :-)
I skateboarded as a kid (~9,10ish). Im 31 now and i started back this year. I have been mainly carving hills, trying to learn the technical stuff.
nicely said... im 37, started 5 years ago... have a daughter following my footsteps, she's 9.
I felt like it, but compared to you mine wasn't that late. We've both been skating for two years though!
Just us then by the looks lol
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