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I recently watched a webinar that was a part of Hootsuite University's Lecture Series. In this webinar, Dan Spicer - Community Lead at Hootsuite UK - spoke on the topic of Community Manager vs Social Media Manager: What’s the Difference? Here are my notes from the presentation, feel free to ask me any questions you might have. I found the most important quote of the presentation to be: "Social media finds and invites them to the party while community welcomes them in." Agenda: - Community vs Social Media - Roles and Responsibilities - Platforms and Tools - Goals and KPIs - Recruitment/Role Skills --------- Community vs Social Media: Community: Social unit of any size that share common values, behaviors, and artifacts (a simple wikipedia definition!) As a community manager, you are supposed to be the liaison between the community and the company by building and maintaining a valuable community for the members. Ideally, you are creating a community where people feel that they belong. A community manager's goal is to connect and enhance the experience of each member of the community. Social Media: The social interaction among people in which they create, share, or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Social Media Managers utilize the traits of virtual networks for business goals (that can be traffic, sales, and even community) Social Media is specifically virtual interaction while community is defined more broadly as interaction online and off. Can be used for things other than community!! ---------- Why do we need to understand the difference? ~ Growth in 'Social Media Manager" roles has slowed 50% in the last year, while about 13x as many jobs have been created that include the use of social media. Last year community management increased by 46%! Community Management is not a new title - communities and brand images have existed for ages. Maintaining relationships and learning what makes customers/users tick has been essential since day one of business. Social media has added additional platforms to create these relationships, but updating these sites are definitely not their only job. Social Media Management is relatively new - Responsible for maintaining platforms, executing campaigns, and analyzing these results. Content creation and interacting with a broad network (often PR and marketing roles) Less about relationship creation and more about delivering content that people want to share. Social Media - Activator Community - Relationship Builder ------ Roles and Responsibilities: What does your business need: a content oriented person or relationship oriented person? Community Management Responsibilities: 1. Building relationships with key members of the community and developing engagement strategies. 2. Being an internal advocate for the members. 3. Making the brand personal and accessible to members. 4. Enforcing guidelines and polices while maintaining public platforms. 5. Delivering insights about members and reporting on success of the community Community Management Points: - Value: Add value to the community (more value from you than members give themselves) inspire, educate, entertain. - Moderation: More than developing guidelines, it is about facilitating conversation and understanding why people join your community and building conversation based on this. - Insights and Internal Advocacy: Internal advocate between the customer and the brand. Managers are an awesome feedback loop! They are the voice that humanizes the brand. Social Media Management Responsibilities: 1. Alignment of social media strategies between different departments of the company 2. Assessing effectiveness of social media activities 3. Turning results into actionable data 4. Curating and creating content for social platforms 5. Maintaining the security of social media accounts Social Media Management Points: - Define Goals: Without a clear idea of what you want to do with your social media you can't do anything! Are you converting sales, creating a brand image, etc. - Listening: Conversation about your business is happening all the time. Know what people are saying and who is saying it. Analyze and report these finding and make an action plan based on them. - Curate and Create Content: Get control of content and deliver it to the right people and the right time in the right context. ------ Recruitment/Role Skills: Community Manager - SKILLS: - Communication - Alignment with brand culture - Understanding human behavior/motivation - Relationship building - Conflict resolution - Project management ATTRIBUTES: - People person - Empathy - Self-awareness -Adaptability - Good judgement - Enthusiasm - Dedication Social Media Manager: SKILLS: - Communication - Listening - Creativity - Statistical analysis - Public speaking - Comfort with technology - Understanding social convergence ATTRIBUTES: - Passion - Resourcefulness - Conversational - Operates with a sense of urgency - Seeks input - Thick skin Key Takeaways: Community Managers are the voice of the customer and the relationship builder. "They have their fingers on the pulse of your customers" Social Media Managers and the curators, creators, new junkies and users of social media for business goals.
I have heard that there is a division between marketers about how to define the community manager position. The division, as I know it, is because some believe that the position is almost a PR oriented position where the company engages with its customer base on the individual level. This then means that the community manager is trying to manage and brand the image of the company. There are others who believe that the community manager position is best fit for people who do not see how to brand on an individual level, rather someone who maintains the idea of an organic vibrant community and THEN looks into incorporating the product. The difference is that the latter idea focuses on the idea that even the product's image is not the most important part of the job, rather the management of the community.
This is really helpful, thank you! I like how social media managers need thick skin...I can see why
Really like how this breaks down the differences. Simple to see how they relate, but are intrinsically different. I've read a couple of your cards on this topic and find it super informative. Thank you @caricakes
Listening to your valuable story has become very helpful to me. Thank you very much.