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Days after users reported issues connecting to WiFi via the new Android Lollipop release, some users are experiencing text message issues. Apparently, some users are having issues sending SMS text messages on LOLLIPOP. While it appears that the text message was sent, the recipients never actually receive the message. Is anyone here experiencing this issue after their Android L update?
Updated on a Nexus 7 - it is awful! Random closing of apps, slow navigation, notification swipe down only works intermittently. This was the official OTA update & it is a very poor release.
@DanWest That's a new way to think about it. I'm always so envious of Nexus users but maybe I should appreciate that I am getting a later update.
Hopefully, they'll get it fixed soon. they should have done an alpha and beta test before they did a mass release. Unfortunately for Nexus users, @HammersmithH, one of the downfalls of getting the newest updates first.... it looks like you all might be the testers.
I still haven't gotten my update...this is terrible, I hope it is fixed soon!