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Thankful Pranks: Puppy Makeovers!

I love puppy makeover videos!!!! There are so many dogs in shelters, especially dogs taken in off the street, that don't ever get adopted because they look too "ugly" for people to feel they're the right choice. But really--look! With just a few minutes of grooming, these pups look out of this world adorable!! This is the type of good-hearted prank that I love to see !! Not some cheesey "we're gunna buy these shoes from you" type of thing, but some good I can really see! Every pet I have owned has been a shelter pet, and I haven't been anything but loved by them :) If you're looking for a new best friend, show some thanks, and get yourself a grateful pet from your local shelter!! And remember what a little soap and grooming can do :)
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