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loaded <3
mum- whatcha want for Christmas? me- *nudge nudge* *wink wink*
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@BenKaplan ik. it sucks. it had snowed a few times here already. but it has all cleared up there next day so i can still shred. knock on wood
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do even know how much really want this girl so much
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@filirican THATS THE MUSCLE MORONGA BRO!!! Whoever finds it gets a free set of wheels from loaded! They usually have 3 hints to his spot that they post on Instagram, then it's up to you to find it! (They're mostly in California.)
3 years ago·Reply
I just checked it out on instagram xD they have a Spider Moronga too?! I just want to collect them all now! @steezus
3 years ago·Reply
Yeah @filirican someone stole the muscle moronga so now they have the spider
3 years ago·Reply