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I think winter is a great time to wear gloves. Who has a pair of gloves that didn't tear yet? Mine ripped the first time my friend borrowed it. Luckily, I know how to sew!
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Which one do you have? I just got the white leather but I know they tear easily too.
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I have a set of sector 9 apex gloves. Other than the Velcro strap coming off a bit, it's still in good condition. Even bought replacements pucks a few weeks ago
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Oh those are nice I liked those ones too!! Michael, that seems to be a common complaint with S9 gloves. You can get Velcro tape for like $1.89, cut a piece, and tape it on.
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@mpoblete I managed to fixed it. I sewed it back on and used gorilla glue so it's definitely not coming off again!
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That's awesome Michael!
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