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I've met a lot of boarders who didn't know what a Footstop was. The purpose is to keep you on the board, and makes sure your foot is right behind the the truck, or on top of it depending on which bolt you mount it on. If you have a Footstop like this with speed rings under it, and it wobbles around a ton on your board. I'm going to show you how I fixed it. Step 1: You'll need a longer bolt so it still can lock on; some spare speed rings; skate tool; polyester string; a lighter, and maybe a razor blade. Step 2: Remove some of the grip tape off around the hole that you're mounting it on, so it spins the best. Step 3: Wrap the string around the bolt under the footstop about the same size as the speed rigs you're gonna put on it. Step 4: (If and only if it is a material that will melt.) I heated up the the polyester string, and made it more durable, and more consistent by melting and pressing it. With that, it can be as lose or as tight as ypu want it with out it flopping around everywhere. Step 5: Mount it and go test it out! I found that with the wider wheelbase option on my Sugar I don't even touch the footstop anymore because of the micro drop. Footstop are perfect for flatboards to give you that locked in "drop-deck" feel without being restricted to having them locked at 90 degrees. If you don't have one and like the idea, pick one up at your local skate shop, and try one out! There are many different shapes and styles. Mine is a handcrafted Dubs footstop. Look them up! They have a bunch of cool hand made stuff.
I flow for flo footstops, They make the dopest stops ^^
Duuuuubs. Love those guys