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Keeping up with trends is important, especially for programmers, because the tech industry is constantly changing. As computer scientists it is also important to keep up with trends because it is good to know programming languages are in demand. For example, I just checked on indeed and the top job trends are all tech related: HTML5, MongoDB, iOS, Android, and Mobile Apps. There have been a plethora of job openings that require these languages or platforms and the demand has been increasing rapidly since 2010. This is especially important if you want to be a strong candidate for internships and jobs. I'm currently thinking of ways of learning more about mobile app development because 1.) it interests me and 2.) There is a big demand in that field. What about the you all? I'm a student still so I'm feeling pressured to learn everything in order to get a job or internship. For people in industry, do you still feel this pressure? How often do you have to learn new programming languages?
@TechAtHeart tell me about it. Do you have a long list of skills you need to learn as well? lol
Gosh, yes. It's so inportant to stay on top of your game in technology. I'm not in industry, so I feel the same pressure as you @csgeek!
@csgeek Yes, haha. Ruby is at the top of my list. So frustrating that I still haven't gotten to it.