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When theres too much Pop and not enough Shuvit...
title basically explains it. First day with some great weather, so i decide to go out. Annnnnnddd practically bitch whip my board into my leg right above my knee cap. Definitely one of the more discomforting places to get hit... hoping that the Blacknblue wont be massive when i get home -_-
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hope it's not to bad man. cheers to a speedy recovery
3 years ago·Reply
thanks man @TylerGeorge, appreciate it!
3 years ago·Reply
@BenKaplan anytime man. skaters gotta stay together, everyone else Hates us
3 years ago·Reply
Fell on my hip today if it makes you feel better!
3 years ago·Reply
glad to know im not the only one :D @mpoblete
3 years ago·Reply