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what's Your Favorite Griptape
I know there are lots out there but what's most people's preference, mine personal favorite has to be Vicious griptape even though I've cut myself on it bad before.
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Vicious. It's gnarly. Tears the shit outta your shoes and hands if you're into freestyle
3 years ago·Reply
I had vicious grip tape on my board. I literally picked up my board and look at it. Those 2 seconds I touched it I was bleeding. Next day I just picked up some coarse mob grip and switched it out.
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I use vicious on my Demonseed and I love it but I like Blood Orange too
3 years ago·Reply
the good kind lmao
3 years ago·Reply
Rdvx/vicious mainly RDVX cause it doesn't wear as fast
3 years ago·Reply