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rare rose ♡♡
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That is a very unusual rose I've u happen to know the name and carrier I would love to order the plant . If all u know is the name of the rose I will work on the test . Thank you . @EddahH
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Hey @brianmcneeley, this stunning rose features deep velvety red petals on the inside with silvery white sheen on the outside. It's called Osiria and was selected in 1978 by Cordes in part because of its unusually strong aroma. Regrettably, this homage to the past is only available for pick-up through Canadian supplier, Palatine. There is an Australian flower company that claims to have it in both potted and cut. However, pictures from its website do not appear to be the true authentic Osiria.
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This is so beautiful I have never seen a rose like this and it's called Osiria wow Amazing
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@brianmcneeley @rita77892141 If you love this rose, I'd like to recommend three other roses that are also stunning: Baccarat Honey Dijon Red Berlin
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