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Love the vibe in this video. What i wanna be doing with my board...soon though..gonna keeo at it til im unstoppable!!! haha Longboard GC - Freeride and Freestyle:
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im still attempting all of em haha! @RichardSchafer
3 years ago·Reply
@pangzoo10 yeah it just takes practice. Like I can't slide yet but I haven't practiced it that much and when I did I'm pretty sure I was going to slow
3 years ago·Reply
@RichardSchafer yea i havent tried much cuz i dont have all my safety gear yet so havent gone too crazy over the tricks...i been borrowing a friend's helmet but as soon as i get mine imma start going crazy and hopefully be really good by the time summer comes back around...when did u start?
3 years ago·Reply
@pangzoo10 I started back in May.
3 years ago·Reply
one day we'll all be that good lol
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