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I am actually so confused by this man. First off, his name is Riff Raff and all I can think about is that creepy butler from Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Pictured for reference) Then he says he want's to be the "Justin Bieber of EDM" but he's acting like a male snow-queen version of Grimes in his 'TiP TOE WiNG iN MY JAWWDiNZ' video. The Houston rapper recently confirmed with Billboard that he'll be joining Golden Hare Management Group, with the likes of other house artists Kygo and Thomas Jack. While his older stuff (re: JAWWDiNZ) was a more mellow dance track a-la Lil Wayne's Lollipop, Riff Raff promises a strong EDM influence on his new work. I'm definitely not looking forward to any of his future projects, but I can't help being curious.
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