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neaa and i talked about how we love some of the second leads... so i decided to upload some of them... i know almost all of us korean kdrama lovers have this sickness.. these are the guys who are worth it to be with the female lead but just not enough to overpower our OTP... they made us cry with them and they made us love them even though we know that they are not gonna win the female lead's love.. there are more but i am only allowed to upload 10 pics, so i edited and put 2 of them in 1 picture... tell me who is your favorite second lead..?
bae soo bin
@bix2anca... wow, that's an old song...well i guess that's the power of those so called writers, they make us wriggle in pain like those second leads that we love... they also gives heartaches and pain to the leads anyway, before they can be together... that's why we call this is a drama.. hahah... we all know that all of this came with the drama but we still love watching it.. how the story will unfurl for us.. ^^ btw, who's your fave second lead? =)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyIOl-s7JTU&feature=related .....I cry for them also but, unfortunately, scriptwriters are bad, evil persons..... They think about themselves they are some sort of Gods....T T
THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL.....do you remember this song? ABBA....
annyeong...^^ see yah later!!
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