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This quick detox will help save your nails from peeling, breaking, and chipping, but will involve wearing no nail Polish for a while. As hard as it may be to take a break from the color your poor nails will be forever grateful! Here's what you need to do: 1. Remove and Replenish First thing’s first, remove that polish! People often don't take into account that many nail polish removers are acetone-based, which can dehydrate nails. Be sure you are using a non-acetone-based remover. Now that your polish is off, it’s time to soak! Restore moisture by soaking your fingers in warm water for 10-15 minutes every night for 10 days. Add slices of lemon to the lukewarm water for extra hydration and brightening! 2. Care for Those Cuticles Moisturizing your cuticles is extremely important for nail health. Dry off hands after your daily soak and massage cuticle oil (available at any drug store) into your nails and around your cuticle area each day. Once the oil has been absorbed, seal in the moisture! Apply a thick moisturizing cream to your nails and leave it on overnight! 3. Extra Strength Solution By morning, your nails should be dry and refreshed. Give them a quick wash and apply a simple strengthening treatment. Apply a strengthener like essie Millionails to your nails every other day for one week. 4. Protect Your Progress. Now that your nails are recovering, it’s more important than ever to avoid stripping agents. Keep hands out of water as much as possible such as when you're doing dishes, gardening, etc — use gloves!! TLDR; Remove any polish with an acetone-free remover and be sure to soak hands in lukewarm water each day. Apply a cuticle oil nightly and seal in moisture with a thick cream before bed! Keep hands out of water and keep the edges of your nails smooth with a good file! Do this for 10 days and then you can reward yourself!
this reminds me, I need to take better care of my nails *sigh*
I love soaking my nails in lemon water, it makes such a difference!
message me if you have any helpful tips! :)
I got told I have damaged nails, what does that mean?
I need to show this to my sister! She's been trying to get past her nail-biting habit.
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