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I know this is unrelated to long boarding but I wanted to share. who else likes to body box PS.this is after I iced it down
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This is worst than longboardporn2.0 @mikerosa92 Please help!!
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Okay now that was just unnecessary hostility
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I think if you like to fight then fight.. Get some gloves. My bothers and I used to do that with kickboxing gloves e.g. Got my ass kick since I'm a girl and the youngest :)). Never know when your gonna accidentally catch one to the face or kidneys. I would totally box someone now with some protection included. Boxing is a good way to release. Just don't end up in the ER or put someone else there! Love h8terz! Be safe! Go skate! Hope your hand feels better soon! haha
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haha yeah me and my friend r gonna get in to kick boxing
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