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The Story of the Man Who Never Fell
Once upon a time, there was a natural born boarder. He felt more comfortable on 4 wheels than on 2 legs. His name was Vega. Longboarding was his craft, his skill. He honed it until he was the best there ever was. No obstacle was a challenge, as he could carve like no other. Vega was so good, he never fell off of his board. Not even once. Not when he was 3, not when he was 23, and not a single time in between. He did not own any pants or shirts that had gotten holes in them. The average boarder gazed at him in awe as he would cruise by. The greats would learn from him although most always had some years of experience on him. One day when Vega was skating with an old friend who was new to the long board. Vega went to show off how good he was to his friend by doing a simple slide on a small slope. Something went wrong, but everything that Vega did was perfect. His form, his bearings, wheels, grip tape! It was all in line. But something still went wrong for who knows what reason. Vega slipped and fell off his board for the first time in his 24 and a half years of life. His clothes weren't ripped, his skin still intact. Vega was alive and didn't even suffer a physical scratch, but something inside him died that day. He got up from the ground without brushing himself off and left. He just left and was never seen again in that town. His board was left in the street. Rumor has it that he hasn't picked up a board since. Some say he was too afraid to skate again, others say he was too embarrassed that someone saw so he killed himself. Moral of the story is, don't be afraid to fall. Everyone falls and people will see you. Falling builds experience. Stolen from /u/Coltonamos on reddit. Great story.
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same thing just a little midnight reading @filirican
3 years ago·Reply
strong, impactful, and leaves you with courage
3 years ago·Reply
Great read. I always fall at the smallest thing. I stood on my board in my kitchen last night and ended up on my back!
3 years ago·Reply
Depressing much...
3 years ago·Reply
..that was depressingly worth the read.
3 years ago·Reply