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A new partnership today connects Moleskine notebooks and Adobe creative software, letting you turn your sketches into fully manipulable vectors! Notebooks that work with the service have special indicators printed on the corners of the pages to help the app translate the sketches into usable vectors, without distortion or skewed angles. The vectors will provide both .jpg and .svg output, for use in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator! There are plenty of different options for sketching digitally, but a Moleskine notebook has significant advantages. It doesn’t require battery power, for instance, or a data connection, or an investment greater than $33 :) Speaking as someone who likes to sketch, (more like doodle) this looks like a great tool. If the app can produce really good .svg files, it could become a fantastic tool for designers.
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This is cool, I don't sketch but i would want to play around with it.