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Imagine such a thing... No speed wobbles, an insanely stable deck, the best bearing on the market met by the best Wheels and Trucks in your opinion. Keeping in mind you can't wobble, what car/truck would you want to hall your ass up a hill? My personal preference, the Ford Raptor! (Yes I did just ask you what your favorite car/truck is in a sneaky way ;P)
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You can have your Chevelle@Ghostoftheswift. All I want is my Nova
@benknopp i almost bought a '76 nova for my first car. Ended up with a 93 Chevy Lumina instead...
I almost wanted to get a 78' Camaro Z28 that my uncle restored and modified. It was racing equipped, had memory foam bucket seats, and had a Viper V10 dropped under the hood. He was selling it for 2K@Ghostoftheswift
wait, my bad, the camaro had the stock engine. He had a 1999 Dodge truck with the Viper engine in it.@Ghostoftheswift
oh what might have been...