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V Points, Vingle’s community points, represent the contribution that a Vingler has made to a Community. As every Vingle community is different, V points will vary to reflect a Vingler's contribution to a particular community. For example, if a Vingler is a member of the Funny, Fashion for Men, and Bike communities, they might have 10,000 V Points in Funny, 5,000 V points in Fashion for Men, and 1,000 Points in the Vingle Bike community. Since there are various ways to contribute to a Vingle community, Vinglers will be able to earn V Points in in a variety of ways: 1. Publishing a card that is LIKEd or clipped. 2. Gaining followers to their collections. 3. LIKEing or clipping good content published by other Vinglers Since a Vingler will gain V points through their effort in building a strong community, V points will affect how a Vingler’s content is exposed within their Community. To make it easy to find a Vingler’s V points, they will be visible in: 1. Under the Members tab on each Community page. 2. Under the Communities tab on a Vingler’s profile page.
I have two more questions ... 1) what are the best ways of gaining followers? And 2) Do you have information on how to make your own GIFs? Once again thank you for being so diligent and helpful.
Thank you for the information that was very helpful. I understand much better now.