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Ingredients Here Instructions In a food processor, combine the sunflower butter, maple syrup, coconut flour and sea salt. Blend together for a minute, then add in the chocolate chips and pulse a few more times to mix them in well. Form truffles into balls and place onto a lined baking sheet. I used a cookie scoop for mine. Stick the baking sheet in the freezer for an hour. Using a double boiler method, (see notes) melt the chocolate and the milk until everything is smooth and blended together. Using two forks, roll the truffles into the chocolate and coat each one completely. Then place them back on the baking sheet. Stick in the freezer for another hour or so. Once the chocolate has firmed back up, you can store these in the fridge. They should last several weeks in the fridge and longer in the freezer.
@flymetothemoon It makes a really good cereal milk, but I've never tried it with cooking!
I've never tried flax milk but I'm intrigued hahah @danidee
I love flax milk by the way. It's a great way to get your omega-3s in!
@galinda me neither but it sounds really really good!
Sunflower butter? I'll have to look harder for that, I don't think I've come across it while grocery shopping.