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Hi all, looks like most of the fall jdrama will start next week. What drama will you be watching? I'm thinking of starting a recap team on Vingle for Jdrama. The recappers will be those who know Japanese and Chinese (since Chinese sub is out pretty fast, recapper can watch it and write recap from the Chinese sub). But those who don't speak the language can also help by doing screencapture of the drama or help spread the words through Facebook or Tumblr. If you know Japanese or Chinese and love Japanese Drama please join the team :) If there's a drama you want to volunteer for (be it recap, screencap, post photos or spread the words) please comment here.
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great idea :) would love to join ^^,)!
Thanks girls, can't wait for the drama to start. hope to see another gem like RMPW :)
Kekkon Shinai is a real gem this season!!!
I'm gonna post whatever I can for Kekkon Shinai :)
Wooow good idea coz.I adore Japanese dramas and watch regularly and publishing cards Here in vingle about any drama I watched