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From America's dad to accused sexual predator - what in the world happened with Bill Cosby? That's the question I've been asking myself as I've been peripherally seeing the headlines about the popular entertainer plaster across all the different news sources. You can get some background on the situation here: I grew up loving the Cosby show and seeing his frequent opinions on parenthood and family life. I, too, was shocked when I started seeing all the scandals and rape allegations popping up. I was especially surprised to learn that the rape allegations - and many other accusations, have been around for decades! Why did I not know about it? Why are we just talking about this now? In his New York Times article "Bill Cosby's Sudden Fall, Explained Sociologically," Brendan Nyhan asks that question many of us are asking: "How did Bill Cosby become radioactive?" Nyhan shares the insights of a University of Texas sociologist, Ari Adut, who says that these moral scandals such as Cosby's crop up when the alleged wrongdoing "becomes common knowledge." I quote the article: "Even if there is dispersed knowledge about the allegations (as in Mr. Cosby's case), the information may not trigger a reaction unless it receives what Mr. Adut calls 'collective and focused attention.'" That attention on Bill Cosby was largely amplified by comedian Hannibal Buress, which "appears to have helped foster that collective, focused attention." You can read the rest of the sociological approach to understanding the Cosby scandals by following the attached link. Why do you think there is so much attention right now on Cosby, when these issues have been around for so long?
Bill Cosby incident reminds me of Jimmy Savile's case. I hope justice stands!
Great point, @TechAtHeart! Those memes surely had a lot to do with it - that's when I first started seeing the news. If these allegations turn out to be true, it is kind of sad that it took memes to bring them to people's attention.
Perhaps it's the internet? Especially because those Cosby memes went viral?
@sanityscout Another example is the current Ayotzinapa movement in Mexico that has spread all over! Solidarity and change could happen with the help of social long as it's used for good, I totally support it! :-)
@sanityscout Yes, it is sad :/ Better late than never? The victims might have never felt support before, but they have so many people on the internet on their side now. I don't know about you, but I think it's pretty encouraging... knowing how social media could bring people together for a common cause.