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shots of my first and only ink
Very cool! I've been hoping to get a tattoo sometime soonish, but I haven't committed yet. What finally helped you decide it was time?
I was talking with the tattoo person and was just going to look at what she came up with, and next thing I know it was that big and stencilled on my leg. I really didnt hurt only in certain spots and in other spots it tickled. Make sure its what you REALLY want. I some times regret it but not often. I do want more too. So nothing made me finally do it it just happened.
@whiskeygirl That's pretty awesome. I have made a sort of vow to get mine before the end of the year, but I don't know if it will happen. Maybe things will just fall into place for me, too.
dont think about it just do it. If you really really want one then just wait till after Christmas cause they are $$$ and this way you can look at your body and try to imagine the ink there forever or if you will miss having nothing there you know...
@whiskeygirl Totally understand; thanks for all the tips!