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This herby and cheesy sweet potato casserole is my family's favorite for Thanksgiving (and other occasions). Ingredients: 2 pounds sweet potatoes (about 3), peeled 3/4 cup extra sharp cheddar cheese, grated ½ tsp nutmeg 1 Tbsp minced garlic 3/4 cup gruyere cheese, grated 1 cup heavy cream ½ cup half and half 1-2 Tbsp fresh rosemary,finely chopped (1-2 sprigs) Directions: Preheat oven to 375 F. In a pan, heat half and half (or cream), rosemary, nutmeg, and garlic over medium-high heat until completely warmed. Slice the sweet potatoes into thin circles and place in a casserole pan along the bottom in a single layer, overlapping just a little. Add ½ of the gruyere and cheddar cheese ( ¼ cup). Make an entire layer over top of that the same way. Then pour the white sauce mixture over everything and bake for 35-40 minutes or until the potatoes are soft and cooked through.
Hmmm...looks like this casserole will disappear fast!
@suranimh Especially in my home. Everyone loves sweet potatoes.
Sweet potatoes AND cheese?! This sounds fantastic!
Any excuse to use more gruyere!
I'm afflicted to settle a casserole recipe for thanksgiving, but I think I found the one. :)