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Chloris Tea House is a chain of beautiful cafes that are all over Seoul. Specializing in tea and cakes, these cafes are filled with natural light and have a relaxing atmosphere. In Gangnam, so to Shinnonhyeon Station exit 4. Turn right the second you exit and walk straight (see attached map) Be sure to try the Milk Tea Ice Flake dessert as well as their fabulous teas! If you're lucky, they'll be giving out samples of their new tea flavors :)
@MattK95 oops! Jpop too!! (⌒▽⌒)
@jiggzy19 your right sorry, I completely forgot about Japan... oops lol, don't forget the J-Pop ;)
@MattK95 Actually we are going to Japan too!! I'm so excited! Totally gonna be stocking up on the K-Pop!! ^ ^
@danidee I'm not sure, I'll be flying to England first with my mother and two of my sisters including @jiggzy19 for my aunts birthday and then on to Seoul for a week or two. I know the flight to England is long XD
@MattK95 Wow! Is it a particularly long flight? Flying to South Korea from where I live is around 12 hours, I've heard.
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