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This game is just so addicting. i can make my towers look better (hopefully)
@MGMGaron Hope you do it! We need some good mobile game reviews and chatting here in our community. It's great to have you here! I've only been here a couple of months, but I'm happy to try to answer any Vingle questions if you run into any :) Our moderator is @hunahuna, he's also great for questions!
It's my first time using Vingle but I don't mind haha. I play Lies of Astaroth and Gods Rush as well. Both can be downloaded from the android play store.
Ah, I see. That sounds like fun! Do you suggest any other games like this one that aren't quite as widely known but still fun? It would be great if you wrote some reviews here on Vingle! I'd love to read them :)
If the bricks fall into the space you lose one life. There are specific goals to unlock things but the main one is to make your tower as high as possible.
Cool haha I am still loving this game but I might try another one or go download the others that I have deleted. Where do I post or submit reviews by the way @sanityscout??
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