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A group of my friends will get together this weekend and make fingerprint tree tote. We thought it'll be a fun pre-thanksgiving activity. Just in case you want to make one for yourself or a friend, here's are the instructions. 1. Use pencil to trace tree trunk pattern onto freezer paper. 2. Cut out tree trunk with craft knife to create stencil. 3. Iron tree trunk stencil onto front center of tote. 4. Place cardboard insert inside tote to prep for painting. 5. Paint one coat Chocolate in tree trunk stencil openings. Let dry. 6. Peel away freezer paper stencil. 7. With a very thin paintbrush, add smaller branches/twigs with Chocolate and let dry. 8. For the leaves, use chalk to lightly sketch a large circle shape to help guide your fingerprints and to keep leaves in a rounded area. 9. From top left corner, start applying fingerprint “leaves” with Sunshine Yellow – one fingerprint at a time. Adding two to three rows of this color diagonally will do. Clean finger with moistened hand wipes. 10. Repeat with next color – Golden Tan – and add fingerprints right below Sunshine Yellow prints. Continue with Mandarin Orange and then Crimson Red making sure to stay within the chalk circle. Refer to photo if necessary. 11. Let leaves dry completely and then lightly brush off any fabric chalk.
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This sounds like a fun sleepover activity. I love handmade totes!
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