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Our five runners have completed their first two days of the competition and have been able to explore Seoul with your help! You still have a chance to join the RunatSeoul runners LIVE for a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Seoul, South Korea! --> By participating in RunatSeoul Week, you are entering yourself for a chance to win one of five incredible prizes straight from Seoul. Here is what you can win: ~ Grand Prize (1 person) Trip to Seoul! - this includes your airplane ticket, hotel, trip fee, etc ~ 2nd prize (2 people) Galaxy Note 4 ~ 3rd prize (4 people) Action camera GoPro 4 ~ 4th prize (5 people) Samsung Mirror-less camera NX mini 9mm/27mm ~ 5th prize (10 people) Kolon Sportswear T-shirts Here's how to enter: Watch the live stream from Seoul here --> Sign up to be a controller here -->
They are making Seoul look so fun (obviously I know it is, but they're just confirming it lol) I've really had fun watching this live - thanks @runatseoul!
They look like they had so much fun!! I'm jealous that they got to go to the palaces and the Chyeonggyecheon stream!