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This is a last minute Thanksgiving centerpiece you can create in under 20 minutes. This is an easy way to give your home a festive atmosphere before inviting your guest over for dinner. Materials: White pumpkin Sticky address labels Gold metallic spray paint Tape Instructions: 1. Grab a sheet of blank white sticky address labels and cut them into squares. Then lay them out on the white pumpkin (refer to the image above). Some trimming may be need on the stickers to get them match up properly. 2. Once the stickers are in place, tape up the stem (to avoid painting that area). 3. Go ahead and spray paint the pumpkin with a gold metallic paint. When it's dry, you can remove the stickers.
You can usually find them at pumpkin patch. If you can't find one you can always paint it white before decorating it. Make sure to leave the stem for a natural look.
Where can I get a white pumpkin? I'm so curious!