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I don't know about this, guys... DC comics is challenging the design of the new crest for a Spanish league football team - La Liga club Valencia. Sure, there are clearly resonances, but Valencia has already had it's bat logo (apparently for hundreds of years), and it's not like DC invented the shape of bats. Here what Screamer says in a post about it (link attached): "The use of a bat in the crests, badges, and shields of the Valencian community and the surrounding areas goes back hundreds of years, so it's not like the club saw The Dark Knight and thought oooh oooh, let's take that!" Their verdict is for Valencia - what's yours?
DC Comics what a joke! They should spend more time looking for a real new batman and not ben affleck...
I like your diplomatic solution, @Spudsy2061 ! I would miss the proposed Valencia logo, looks so great.
@sanityscout That is true. I do like the current one too though.
Valencia should be cleared of any wrongdoing. The bat logo on local crests dates back to the 14th century and the club was founded prior to DC Comics or DC Entertainment. Having said that the currently proposed bat logo is too close to the batman logo. Valencia CF should use the bat, but go back to the drawing board for it.