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SeoJoon and Hana couple is SOOOOOOO CUTE >_<// ♥♥♥ SeoJoon starts to treat Hana well showing his feeling actively. I like this kind of part//// ^=^ I want to have a boy friend like JKS/// I want! P.S: I saw some people using my screenshots without my permission and pretending that they made it. Please credit my post if you want to use my screenshot post.
Today... yoona was outstanding~!
i love her yellow coat. ♥♥ so pretty... where can i get it......
btw, that mark on the images looks great... @gloria where did you get it?? i'd like to have one, too... 'cause i'm doing Rooftop Prince thing.
@goong I just made it! if you want I can make it for you goong^^ send me ur email to loogloria22@gmail.com and I will send you back friend :)
omg, thanks! =)