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Love Rain - EP8 Screenshot part 1.
SeoJoon and Hana couple is SOOOOOOO CUTE >_<// ♥♥♥ SeoJoon starts to treat Hana well showing his feeling actively. I like this kind of part//// ^=^ I want to have a boy friend like JKS/// I want! P.S: I saw some people using my screenshots without my permission and pretending that they made it. Please credit my post if you want to use my screenshot post.
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btw, that mark on the images looks great... @gloria where did you get it?? i'd like to have one, too... 'cause i'm doing Rooftop Prince thing.
@goong I just made it! if you want I can make it for you goong^^ send me ur email to loogloria22@gmail.com and I will send you back friend :)