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'Kmart will open its doors at 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day this year and remain open for 42 hours, meaning that many employees will have to come to work to staff shifts. While the company says it tries to fill the slots with volunteers or seasonal hires, workers are reporting that the reality on the ground is very different. Jillian Fisher, who started a petition on asking Kmart to give her mother and other employees the flexibility to take the holiday off, surveyed 56 self-identified employees from more than 13 states. Of those, just three said they had the option to ask to take the holiday off. In response to questions about the survey results, a company spokesperson said in a statement, “Again, we reiterate that our stores do their very best to staff with seasonal associates and those who volunteer to work holidays. Seasonal associates are told upon hire of our holiday store hours and we make every effort to accommodate associate shift requests during this time. Associate schedules are posted, on average, two weeks in advance – including for holiday schedules. All associates are compensated time and a half pay for the hours they work on Thanksgiving Day. We continue to express deep appreciation in advance to all associates who will be working Thanksgiving and Black Friday.”'
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That's totally ridiculous! I have had jobs that didn't guarantee holidays off before, but basically we were given a list of ALL the holidays of hte season, and we had to mark off which days we wanted to work, which days we /could/ work, and which days we didnt' want to! This way, those who wanted the hours got them covered, and the rest of us just filled in where needed! This is so such a bummer to hear. What is Thanksgiving becoming?
Gosh, this is so upsetting. The Kmart near my school has the reputation of having terrible management...I can't imagine having to deal with this. @onesmile, holidays are becoming more and more commercialized