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This centerpiece is a perfect addition to your party table tabletop. You may use real or faux flowers for this project. The only reason I would suggest faux flowers is it will last longer through December. What you need: Paper Mach letters X-acto knife Silk faux flowers Floral foam Silver paint Foam brush What to do: 1. Remove the front of the letter by cutting around the edges using an X-acto knife. 2. Cut the floral foam to size so that it fits snug in the letter. 3. Arrange your favorite silk flowers by placing them in the floral foam.
Woah! I would never come up with somethign like this on my own; thanks! I don't know if I have time to pull it together this week, but maybe I'll try for someone's birthday :)
beautiful art 👌
A wonderful idea for festive tabletops!
I love theses colors, I'd use this for more than just Thanksgiving :)