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just needa survive 7 hourssss, but all I wanna do is skate :(
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8 periods total, 4 a day. Each class is 75 minutes long. I have 4 classes on A days, and 4 on B days. Different classes on A days and B days.
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wow you have this Latin Spanish Mexican language study? on your curriculum?
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Wtf @steezus i have 10 periods everyday, 41 minutes each.... and yeah @AlainCasimiro haha its either that or Italian. I wanted to take spanish
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Yeah @BenKaplan I also have a 50 minute lunch. The downside with the 75 minute classes, is that they're super long. So you learn a ton in one day. And its weird to me that you have only 2 language classes @BenKaplan I'm taking sign language right now. Could've taken Spanish, Japanese, German, and Italian. But sign language is the easiest lol
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we have french too haha
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