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I did my first professional guitar product shoot in 2008. I quickly learned that controlling light (and thus the reflections on the guitars) was the second most important part of a successful guitar shoot. The most important element to a successful shoot is keeping my cats out of the photos. Set up the backdrops and lights and guitar stands and they just can't resist jumping in. Over the years I had established a large library of my very own "Cats with Guitars" photos. I found that a lot of the musicians I know also had photos of their cats with their guitars. I created a photo album on my FB page that was simply - Cats and Guitars. In 2010 I designed a bloody paint scheme for Cannibal Corpse Bassist Alex Webster's signature bass guitar. I got to know Alex and his wife Alison really well. She's also a photographer and upon seeing my cat and guitar photos said they look like guard cats and how cool would it be if these were like wild trained ninja cats who would do the sort of things her husband's band often sang about to anyone trying to steal their master's guitar. It was so ridiculous and silly - I decided the more over-the-top the captions with the photos were, the funnier it would be. "Cats Who Guard Guitars" was born. All of the cards in this collection will be accompanied by inane stories of carnage and silliness. You have been warned! :D Enjoy!
This is great! And what a shot! Black animals are notoriously difficult to photograph. This is beautiful!!! Great work @JonPatrickHyde!!!!
Awesome! @McDoogle...I think you would love this Collection, especially @JonPatrickHyde's cat stories!
Mr. Fafoutis (Greek for "Toothless") is such a beautiful cat. He's a black Maine Coon - weighs nearly 16lbs - he's massive. And so gentle and playful and sweet. He's a great cat.