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Heirloom is an app that makes scanning your old, printed photographs much easier. It aligns the edges of the photograph and even edits the photograph for you. No more wasting time trying to do all of this each time you want to share a throwback Thursday post or when you want to share memories with friends and family. * How it works * 1. Scan a photo by holding the phone so that all four corners of the photo are visible on screen. 2. Tap the shutter, and Heirloom automatically does the rest for you. 3. Share your photos and albums with friends and family in Heirloom private groups or post them on social media. *Features * • Unlimited free scans • Automatic edge-detection and perspective correction • Custom artistic filters • Crop and rotate photos • Share to Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites • Share privately to friends and family in private Heirloom groups • Save copies of photos shared with you • Organize your photos with albums • Photos scanned and saved are available with your account on the web at The app is completely free and is available for iPhone and Android users. I think it's a great idea and so clever. I just downloaded it and I really liked it. I love the idea of using technology to preserve the past, especially because pictures hold so much sentimental value. I like that you are able to organize your photos in albums. Check it out yourself! iOS: Android:
@csgeek Same here, my mom is always posting old pictures up on Facebook...this would make them look much better.
this is so cool, my parents would love this app
@TechAtHeart I checked it out, it's legit. I like UI